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Turelsan was established in 1985 with the aim to give the best service possible in its field. The company managed to catch a rising performance level and completed many major projects. Using the best materials and craftsmanship, Turelsan has completed electrical installations of about 65 major construction projects. Specializing mostly on electrical installations of hotels, business and shopping centers and casinos, Turelsan managed to participate in international projects either.


With its 30 years experience, dynamic staff and customer oriented work philosophy, Turelsan aims to keep growing in local and international areas while keeping its prestige in the sector.




Agron İnşaat


Altur A.Ş.

Ananas Hotel

Aktay İnşaat

Aydıner İnşaat

Aygün İnşaat

Beşiktaş Belediyesi

Büyükhanlı İnşaat
Dedeman Antalya

Eta İnşaat

Ero İnşaat

Falez Hotel

Grand Plaza Hotel

Güriş İnşaat


Haşim Balaban



Dr. Kazım Doğan
Kemer Belediyesi


Kiriş World




Hotel Mesa
İnşaat Net Holding

Net Yapı

LSML İnşaat

Osman Şencan

Özkar İnşaat
Ramada Hotel

Rock Hotel

Sabah Gazetesi

Sembol İnşaat

Silkar İnşaat


Şahinler Holding

Şenoğlu Otomotiv

Şok Mağazaları

Turizm Kalkınma Bankası

Ünal İnşaat

ZSML İnşaat

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